S.A.L.T. works on a performance-based fee arrangement. We do not charge up-front fees. We collect absolutely nothing unless a financial benefit is secured for your company as a result of our efforts. We do not get paid unless, and until, you get paid.

For the initial phase of our review, we simply require copies of all Federal Form 940 returns filed for the three previous tax years. Copies of these forms may be sent electronically, mailed or faxed to our office. If you prefer, we will come on site to gather and copy this information. This on-site review will only take a few hours and requires minimal involvement from your staff.

After reviewing the returns, we will ascertain whether refund and savings opportunities exist and, if so, quantify such refunds and savings. We will then present you with a written report detailing the basis for the refunds/savings, including the applicable state and federal laws.

Once you choose to pursue the opportunities outlined in our summary report, we will provide you with completed refund claim forms for your review and signature.

Finally, we will be responsible for following up to insure that all applications are processed quickly and completely. Refunds and/or credit memos will be sent directly to you, not to S.A.L.T.

Let us put our expertise to work for you today.

Contact your S.A.L.T. representative today to schedule a no obligation FUTA 940 analysis.