Have You Overpaid Employment Taxes?

Many companies that undergo acquisitions and corporate restructurings have undiscovered employment tax related refund opportunities that, unless addressed, will expire due to statute of limitation issues.

Our No Obligation analysis of your company’s Federal Form 940 returns will allow S.A.L.T. Payroll Consultants the ability to insure that missed state and federal employment refund

                                               opportunities are identified and secured before they expire!

With the introduction of new and complicated payroll tax laws every year, it’s nearly impossible for corporations to fully understand the impact these laws have on their payroll tax posture.  In addition, incorrect interpretation of current tax laws and administrative policies may result in your company overpaying its payroll taxes.

Composed of former practice leaders and attorneys at major accounting firms such as Ernst & Young and KPMG, S.A.L.T. offers employment tax recovery services that are dramatically different from other payroll service firms.

Our Focus
Where other service providers are consolidating multiple processes and diluting their core competencies, S.A.L.T. continues to remain focused on expanding its capabilities in the payroll tax arena, adding only the most distinguished and gifted talent in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how S.A.L.T. can partner with your business.