S.A.L.T. pursues and captures the more complex refund issues that are often overlooked by other service providers. We operate under the premise that our clients have already performed a similar payroll tax review, either internally or through another vendor.

S.A.L.T. routinely identifies and secures payroll tax refunds that other service providers may have missed.

The depth and breadth of our review allows us to recover additional, missed refunds. Unlike most unemployment service providers who just review state tax issues, our expertise lies in both state and federal unemployment tax refund issues. We are also highly proficient in entity planning and all other unemployment cost control issues.

A truly turnkey operation, S.A.L.T. conducts its work without disrupting the daily operations of your payroll staff. S.A.L.T. performs all of the necessary research, claim filing, and follow-up to secure your refund.

Where other service providers are consolidating multiple processes and diluting their core competencies, S.A.L.T. continues to remain focused on expanding its capabilities in the payroll tax recovery arena, adding only the most distinguished and gifted talent in the industry.